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How to have a successful home renovation

Is it time to remodel your home? It doesn't matter if it's a full top-to-bottom, break down the walls and change the layout project, or a mini-remodeling/spruce up; all of them can be daunting, and it is vital to pay attention to the small details. While they may seem inconsequential, they can make all the difference in how smoothly and easily the renovation process goes. For example, pay attention to the positioning of lighting; if not, you may find yourself preparing food or applying makeup in shadows or otherwise inadequate brightness.

If you’re changing the floor, do that first

The floor sets the tone of the entire room. After all, it is the largest square footage area, the one that most people see first. It’s also why designers often use the battle cry, “Design from the floor up!” Once you have that installed, coordinate colors and other furnishings, such as countertops and tiled backsplashes, to create the ultimate focal point.

Measure accurately

This might seem obvious, but it’s surprising how many people don't realize that even a ½ -inch difference can alter a project. Here's an example: Kitchen appliances are attached to the subfloor; if you install the floor but ignore the cabinet clearance, the floor will be uneven, and you might “trap” the appliances. When it’s time to replace them, you might also have to rip up the floor to get them out.

Consider bathroom remodeling

Just as flooring sets the tone of a room, the bathroom sets the entire house's style. A newly tiled shower wall, bathroom backsplash, tub surround, or new cabinet or vanity top can brighten the room, enlarge it visually and add storage and organization. Make sure the fixtures are in proportion with the room size. Don't try to put full-size ones in small spaces and employ some creative thinking-outside-the box. For example, if you’re thinking of a new vanity, consider a cantilevered cabinet and pedestal sink to make space.

While the budget is hardly a small detail, any remodel, whether big or small, needs to have the best products you can afford. It’s always tempting to save money, but you might be skimping on the quality that will result in costly repairs or replacement before its time. To quote the old (but true) cliche: "You get what you pay for.”

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