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How vinyl decking can make your outdoor surface look like new

Usually, when we think of deck flooring, the mind automatically turns to wood, but a vinyl membrane can make an old deck look new. It’s mold and mildew-resistant and completely waterproof. This decking material, also known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), is made of high-density plastic and can be made to resemble authentic wood. Unlike wood, however, there’s no concern about refinishing or staining; it also doesn’t crack or split like wood, so that makes it easy to work with.

Color and style

It really wasn’t that long ago when consumers were limited to only a few colors, but all of that has changed now. This material can be made to order in any color. You have all the power and can customize it to your needs.

Maintenance is a big advantage

Anyone who’s ever power washed their deck, or scrubbed away mold and mildew, a back-breaking job, will appreciate the easy-care of this. All it needs is a spray with plain water and a mop. Avoid cleaners; the chemicals sometimes leave a white residue that will require more, and unnecessary, scrubbing. It is also durable; some vinyl decks will last 25 years or more when installed and maintained correctly.

How to care for your vinyl deck

Maintenance is easy, and, like anything else, there are some products that can eat through the material. Don’t use sunscreen. This material comes with its own UV protection built right in, so no need to apply more. Avoid chemical insect repellents. Like Citronella, try anything plant-based or plant some flora or fauna with naturally insect-repellent properties around the deck. That flora or fauna boundary might even become a design element!

Also, avoid charcoal lighting fluid for obvious reasons. Stay away from those bubbles that kids love so much because they can stain, especially if it contains dyes. Be careful with paint thinners, scouring products, or rubber-backed mats, which can damage the vinyl membrane.

We have over 30 years in the business and are also locally-owned, with residency here for years. We can even tell you about the most prevalent insects in our region, a big issue when it comes to any outdoor surface but especially vinyl decking. That means we can advise you on the best ways to eliminate them without using harsh chemicals that can damage your deck. You’ll be glad you came into the Carpet Mart showroom in Red Deer, Alberta. You’ll walk away with knowledge, inspiration, and a free quote. We service communities in and around Red Deer, AB, Rocky Mountain House, AB, Lacombe, AB, && Blackfalds, AB.